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This month, I would like to give a shoutout to
Song Min-ho (송민호)
cuz his raps are pretty ill iykwim
Some of the songs I'll forever love would be;
i. Body
ii. Fiance
iii. Run Away (LATEST)


Bioshock Series

"One Light house, One man, One city"

The Bioshock Collection was free for PSPlus in the Month of March. I've heard of the game growing up but I dont really know what the game was all about. The collection comprises of Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. 3 perfectly crafted games to give you a good 36++ hours of gameplay.



So basically you take control of a character named "Jack Ryan"; who was on a flight somewhere before his plane crashed into the middle of the sea - near a Lighthouse. From the lighthouse, it brought him down to an underwater city called "Rapture".
The gameplay mechanics is quite straightforward. Perhaps the only thing that was awkward for me was using "triangle" to jump. It's pretty much like your standard fps game however what differentiates it would be the Plasmids.
So basically Plasmids are like superpowers that you can use on top of your weapon. They are mostly used to aid you in battle. It's not that complicated to use so I dont think it would be an issue for the casual gamer.


I really love the storyline and how they potray the idea that "a man chooses but a slave obeys". To fully understand the whole story you have to religiously hunt for the "tapes" lying around the map. Not gonna spoil it but the antagonist that you try to chase down in the first 2 acts seems rather fierce af. His voice acting is brilliant and on point (especially at the climax). Furthermore, most of the levels I experienced are fun to play!! (with the exception of Fort Frolic; this is rather controversial)
Rating: 9/10


The events of this game happens a few years after the first game. You get to play as Subject Delta; a Big Daddy. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Drilling deez splicers feels more satisfying compared to spanking them w the wrench in the first game. So the difference in game mechanics would be:
1. Hacking can be done remotely and they changed the minigame.
2. You can weild your Plasmids and weapons at the same time (wilddd ??)
3. The gene (special traits) are compiled into one big group instead of being classified.


The storyline basically further explains the origins of Rapture and supposedly wraps up the "Rapture" series. Bioshock 2 has a good storyline and gameplay however, it doesnt feel as impactful as the other two games. They introduced more morality choices so try not to mess this up okai hihi cuz this game has 8 different types of endings. The "bossfight" is also slightly different than the first one. Personally I'm not a fan of it because I didnt even realize that!! was!! the!! boss!!
Rating: 8.5/10


I was abit sad when I first read that this one has no relation to the first two. However, after playing the game, I find it stunningly amazing !! The game follows a man named "Booker Dwight" who is suppose to bring a girl back to New York from a ficitional floating city called "Columbia". The game developers gave the game a refreshing look. One thing you would notice would be a difference in game mechanics.
You can only keep 2 weapons with you at any time. The "Vigors" (a replacement for "Plasmids") feels abit more devastating than the previous games. To upgrade your Vigors and weapons, you have to pay using cash (and theyre pretty costly). It makes you work extra hard to find money as money aint easy to get in this game sadly. Instead of hacking, they introduced picklocks (which comes in limited quantity) to open up new areas and safes. Initially I feel pretty bleagh about it but surprisingly, they do give adequate amount for you to get through the whole game.


As far as the Storyline is concerned, it gives you a refreshing take on this whole series. Instead of the cramp and suffocating underwater city, you are given an opportunity to roam the open skies. The ending of this games supposedly gives you a closure to the whole series. I couldnt understand at first, so I went to read up online.
Honestly, I can accept it even tho it does leave ALOT of plot holes. Also, can i say that Elizabeth is BAE AF. I never thought i can fall in love w a video game character but goddayum is she fine.
Rating: 9.5/10

Epic Conclus

The one thing that I love about this whole series was how CRAZY superb their soundtrack is and how it's like a constant throughout the three games. The loading screen music, BGM and dialogues fits perfectly with the theme and setting of the game.
My only qualm is that the game can get super dark (like 3/8 of the time). I cant see jack shit and I'll end up running into walls. Maybe its my TV idk lmao but I'll be gettin random jumpscares when I'm not even supposed to *laughing emoji* ??
All in all, I would definitely give this game a go if you want to burn some time away from the real world. Try not to rush it; dont wanna take away the beauty of the game, do we?

Crash Landing on You !!

"At the end of that long dream, I finally made a choice. That even if I go back in the past, even if I do for a hundred more times, I will still choose to meet you."

OooOOoo wee how do i even begin?
Honestly, thjs show is really superb. My first impression of this KDrama is that it will be super cheesy and romantic. Sadly, it's that and a WHOLE LOT MORE.

To give you a little background, our sweet SouthKorean heroine, Yoon Se-Ri, went paragliding to wish herself luck in her future business endeavors only to get caught in a tornado that lands her in -you guessed it- NORTH KOREA !! Given the tense history between both countries, Se-Ri has to get home without alerting the North Korean army and erm ya thats as much as you get.

The series has two "parts" to it. Both of them are truly amazing and gives out different vibes. The first part feels pretty serious and intense. It immerse you into an environment where you question who you can trust and believe. The second part is much more lighthearted and relaxed. Honestly, my favourite episodes would definitely be the ones that transits between these two main "parts".


Hands down, one of the better KDramas out there. I would rank it high on my list tbh because it is consistent throughout the whole series. From the introduction till the ending, the whole series feels complete. None of the episodes felt slow and the way they ended it definitely makes viewers satisfied (for me at least). They gave the side actors sufficient screentime + substantial storylines that doesnt take away too much essence from the main plot.

The casting makes the whole viewing experience much wholesome and lovable. The actress playing Se-Ri suited her perfectly (in terms of beauty to goofy ratio). Aside from Captain Ri (who looks more like a SouthKorean General), the other Soldiers that accompanied him really does convince viewers that they are NorthKorean. The side actors complements every scene well and you can actually sense the strong chemistry they have with each other.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS? Definitely. It has all the elements you'd want in a KDrama. A little bit of romance, a little bit of humor and a whole lot of a good time (and product placement) to keep you wanting for more with every episode.


"Look For What's There, Not What You Want To Be There."

Good evening my fellow readers, may you’re always in good health these days. Today we will take a look at one of my favorite Netflix movies of the year, ENOLA HOLMES!!
The movie takes you back to the industrial period in London. Rather a bustling one - in the midst of a political reform!
It introduced Enola Holmes, sister to the famous Sherlock Holmes, who was raised, taught, and loved by her widowed mother. The movie follows her as she wakes up one day to find her mother missing; leaving her alone to figure out why. The disappearance of her mother also resulted in her brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, to returned back to their old estate (after a long time) to:

1) Take care of matters related to Enola Holmes.
2) Track down their missing mother.

The involvement of her brothers forces Enola Holmes to seek her mother and solve the mystery behind her disappearance. What adventures await her? That’s for you to find out!!

My Thoughts?

Being a fan of the Sherlock films, I couldn’t give this one a miss. I really do enjoy watching mystery/detective/intellectual films where they portray big brain energy (eg. the imitation game & Se7en). I’ve always been waiting for that third RDJ Sherlock film to complete the trilogy but it seems like it’s not gonna happen at all.

Honestly, when I first saw the trailer to this film, I was a little disinterested because I didn’t think Millie Bob Brown would fit the Holmes character. HOWEVER, I was taken back to see how she fits PERFECTLY in this role. I can’t help but fall for how charming her character can be, especially with an added touch of her breaking the fourth wall. The writing for the film is perfect in itself and the way it portrays intelligence is well-done!

However, as much as I love Henry Cavill, I thought his features/expressions (?) aren't convincing enough to portray Sherlock as a character. Sherlock is supposedly a closeted-caring character who doesn't show many emotions to people and Henry Cavill doesn't give me that vibe. Idk maybe I’m being nitpicky because I’m too used to RDJ’s Sherlock haha. Aside from that, I do, however, think that the rest of the cast is on point and they performed really well!

In conclusion, WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS FILM? A HUNDRED PERCENT YES if you want an enjoyable film that explores equal rights, female empowerment, and independence without being too pushy. The movie explains its motivation pretty well and there’s never a slow moment at all. Grab a friend or sumt because you’re going to be in for a hell of a ride !!

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